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One of a Kind

Artisan Sinks

Sinks-1 produces Artisan sinks, which are individually painted and signed by the artist - Santiago Sanchez.

Artisan Sinks

Each sink is hand-painted by artist - Santiago Sanchez


Each artisan sink is unique. Your sink will be one-of-a-kind.

One or Two-Bowl Styles

You have a choice of either a one bowl or two bowl style for your vanity.

Counter or Undermount

Your choice of either the Counter style or the Undermount style sinks.

Why choose us?

Sinks-1 produces one-of-a-kind artisan sinks. Each sink is individualy hand painted and inspected for the highest possible quality, by the artist, Santiago Sanchez.

Each sink carries the artists signature.

Our color and style combinations are displayed in our PRODUCT section. Our certified sinks are produced in either a matte or high gloss finish.

We are proud to say our sinks are manufactured in the USA. We are located in the Heart of the Midwest: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Counter Style Sinks

Our Counter Style Sinks are displayed below. They come in either one or two bowl styles. We can even take your existing sink and repaint it for you.

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Undermount Sinks

Our Undermount Sinks are displayed below. They come in contrasting or matching colors with the counters.

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Our Certification

Our Product is Certified and Meets ANSII Standards

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